Now Software Halts Daily Operations Temporarily

Now Software, a long-standing provider of the Now Up-To-Date and Contact applications for Mac users, has halted its regular business operations. According to a tip from TUAW reader Barry T., attempts to access the Now Software website now lead to a Google Sites page.

This page includes a link to a letter from John Wallace of Now, detailing the reasons behind the company’s downfall (click the Read More link to access the letter).

It’s been a rough few years for Now Software, watching it decline from a once prosperous software developer to a struggling entity. The much-anticipated NightHawk project became infamous as vaporware, never materializing into a fully functional product.

As a result, many users of Now Up-To-Date and Contact abandoned the platform in favor of more modern solutions like Daylite by Marketcircle, which offers an iPhone companion app, unlike Now’s offerings. The lack of updates and compatibility with newer technologies rendered Now’s software obsolete for most Mac users.

The Google Sites page also serves as a portal to user forums and additional support resources that were previously available on the Now Software official site.

Update: It has been noted by several readers that BusyMac, known for its BusyCal and BusySync applications, was established in 2007 by Dave Riggle and John Chaffee, both of whom were key developers at Now Software and left around the time NightHawk was in its initial stages of development.


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