New iPad Owner Guide: Essential First Steps and Tips

The influx of new iPad owners has led to a surge in app downloads, with a particular interest in books, games, and movies. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices or just seeking recommendations, here are some insights based on my experiences.

I explored both Time Magazine and Popular Science on my iPad. Each costs $4.99 per issue. While they display beautifully on the device, the content depth and interactivity didn’t quite justify a subscription for me.

Both publications would likely gain more subscribers if the price per issue were lower.

When it comes to news apps, I enjoyed using Reuters News Pro, NPR, and New York Times Editors’ Choice. These apps are free and make excellent use of the iPad’s interactive capabilities. However, the USA Today app, while visually appealing, suffers from stability issues and a confusing interface. The AP News app also falls short, with a cluttered layout that detracts from the user experience.

The Netflix app is a standout, offering free streaming for subscribers.

The quality of the streaming content is impressive, and while the movie selection may vary, the overall functionality is excellent.

For weather enthusiasts, Weather Radar HD is a must-have at $2.99. It provides detailed radar overlays on satellite maps, which is particularly useful during severe weather conditions.

Astronomy buffs will appreciate the enhanced features of Distant Suns and StarWalk, priced at $6.99 and $4.99 respectively. These apps leverage the iPad’s large display to provide stunning visuals and interactive sky tours.

Considering the iPad’s portability, a protective case is essential. I opted for the inCase Neoprene Slip Sleeve Plus at $39.95, which includes a travel-friendly case and a stand, although the stand could be more robust.

While the iPad excels in many areas, it lacks native printing capabilities, which is a significant oversight.

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