Exploring Features of OmniGraphSketcher: A Detailed Review

Retailing at a somewhat steep price of $14.99, OmniGraphSketcher might make you pause and ponder who exactly this app is designed for. This tool provides a platform for freehand drawing to create graphs and charts, allowing users to depict various types of numerical data in a way that traditional spreadsheet chart tools do not offer. Unlike typical spreadsheet applications, OmniGraphSketcher is driven by manual drawing, presenting a unique blend of art and data visualization.

When using standard spreadsheet graphs, your creative customization options are limited. OmniGraphSketcher enables the creation of compelling illustrations that diverge from the typical appearance of standard pie-charts and bar graphs, aiming to introduce a touch of design flair.

This application is less about exact calculations and more about aesthetic appeal.

You have the freedom to select the axes, labels, and drawing styles among other elements. Similar to OmniGraffle, most of its features are accessible through two main modes: line drawing and filled drawing, which I utilized to create the graph shown earlier in this article. An inspector popover is available to adjust the color settings of each feature.

Admittedly, the software feels like a first-generation product. I encountered several glitches both before and after the developers released a bug-fix update (version 1.1).

Currently, it’s challenging to reposition labels within a shape. My workaround involved creating separate labels and manually moving them to my desired locations instead of where the app automatically placed them. Rearranging objects from back to front was another issue; however, I discovered that deleting a shape and then undoing the deletion brought each shape to the forefront. Initially, I drew the shapes in purple, red, and green, but I wanted them in the reverse order as shown.

I must confess that I am an engineer by profession, not an artist, as the image clearly illustrates.

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