Exploring Different iPad Workstation Setups for Optimal Use

When I initially uploaded the picture up on Flickr, I didn’t anticipate much attention. However, it seems that my makeshift iPad workstation and music hub has garnered some interest. I’m quite fond of it myself, so I decided to share the details and invite others to showcase their own unique docking stations.

Although the components weren’t cheap, I already owned all the hardware due to my ongoing quest for the ideal keyboard and my fascination with unique peripherals. Here’s what makes up my setup:

The configuration:

The inspiration for this arrangement came from the BookArc for iPad, which we recently reviewed.

I was so captivated by its design that I pre-ordered it immediately. It has lived up to my expectations, replacing my Apple keyboard dock. After rummaging through my collection of unused keyboards…

I chose the DiNovo Edge. Many of its multimedia functions are compatible with the iPad, such as play, skip, and volume control.

Although the escape key doesn’t map to the iPad’s “Search” key, which is slightly inconvenient, I’m hopeful for enhanced keyboard functionality in future iPad OS updates. While I don’t use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, the DiNovo Edge, with its sleek black and silver design, complements the iPad perfectly.

The Sonicum speakers, designed to resemble the Mac OS sound icon, add a stylish touch to the setup. Their 2.1 sound system with a powered subwoofer delivers excellent audio quality, enhancing my experience with iPad’s sound output, especially when listening to Pandora.

Some might suggest opting for an iMac or MacBook, but I find the iPad’s versatility more suited to my lifestyle. It’s challenging to lug an iMac to a café, and it’s hardly ideal for bedtime reading.

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