Mac Sales Continue to Rise, Unaffected by iPad Launch

Despite the introduction of the iPad earlier in the year, it appears that Apple’s traditional computing devices are not losing their appeal. Recent figures indicate that Mac sales have surged by 35% in May alone.

This suggests that the iPad is carving out its own niche rather than encroaching on the market for more traditional Mac computers. Projections from NPD for this year suggest a 19-23% growth in Mac sales, potentially surpassing Wall Street predictions.

The only slight concern within Apple’s product line seems to be the iPod, which is anticipated to see a 13% decline in sales year-over-year, a steeper drop than initially expected.

However, this isn’t causing much alarm as the iPad commands a higher price point and continues to perform well. Moreover, there are whispers that Apple plans to upgrade the iPod line with new features, from cloud-based iTunes services to enhanced camera capabilities.

From the data available, it’s clear that Apple has successfully introduced a new category of device with the iPad, which effectively bridges the gap between the mobile convenience of the iPhone and the comprehensive operating system of the MacBook.

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