Apple Expands Warranty for 2008 Time Capsules with Issues

Recent updates from various sources indicate that Apple has released a Knowledge Base article on their Support Forums highlighting that certain Time Capsules purchased between February and June 2008 might be eligible for repair or replacement due to identified issues. If you own a Time Capsule with a serial number falling within XX807XXXXXX – XX814XXXXXX and it suffers from the issue where it shuts down and fails to power up again, you should consider taking it to your nearest Apple Store (remember to book an appointment at the Genius Bar), visit a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contact the Apple Contact Center in your country to explore your options.

For those whose Time Capsule is no longer operational and is within the affected serial number range, Apple may offer a repair or replacement to restore its functionality. This is indeed a relief for users who rely on the automatic data backup feature of the Mac OS X’s Time Machine.

Best of luck!

[via MacSlice]

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