Explore TUAW’s Featured Daily App: Pokerbot Review

During the WWDC event, we highlighted a new poker application, and recently, the creator of Pokerbot reached out to demonstrate the capabilities of his own app. Pokerbot offers a unique twist on the traditional Texas Hold’em format by focusing on one-on-one gameplay, which is ideal for those looking to sharpen their poker skills rather than just playing for fun.

The app originated as a training tool, developed by a seasoned poker player who has significant experience in the game.

However, Pokerbot might not be the best choice for those who prefer the excitement of a full poker table. It’s designed more for serious players or those aspiring to improve their game.

The app includes some unconventional features like the “Onetime” cheat option and a comprehensive achievements system powered by OpenFeint, which are intended to enrich the gaming experience rather than simplify it.

Priced at US $1.99, Pokerbot may be a bit steep for novices. Those new to the game might prefer starting with a more basic option like Apple’s official Texas Hold’em game.

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