Apple Launches New Magic Trackpad: Features & Details

Apple has unveiled its latest innovation, the Magic Trackpad, described as “a multi-touch Bluetooth trackpad designed for use with desktop computers.” This device is notably larger than the trackpad on a MacBook Pro, being 80% bigger, and is mounted on a battery case similar to that of Apple’s Bluetooth keyboards. It is engineered to match the height and tilt of the keyboard, facilitating seamless switching between the two.

When used with an Apple desktop, the Magic Trackpad supports the same multi-touch gestures familiar to MacBook users, allowing for swiping, pinching, and scrolling actions.

The trackpad’s inertial scrolling feature adjusts to the force and velocity of the user’s gestures.

The trackpad’s surface is crafted from durable glass and doubles as a large clickable button, mimicking the functionality of a traditional mouse.

The concept of the Magic Trackpad was first hinted at with a trademark application for the name back in February, followed by FCC approval in July. In June, a leaked photo surfaced, sparking speculation about its debut at WWDC ’10.

The Magic Trackpad is now available for purchase at a price of US$69.

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