Exploring the Features of the Magic Trackpad: An Inside Look

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is a marvel of minimalist design, but what exactly lies beneath its sleek surface? The team at iFixit dismantled one to give us a closer look, meticulously detailing each component they uncovered. Here’s a summary of their findings.

The interior of the device is surprisingly sparse. A substantial spacer ensures that excessive force doesn’t harm the delicate logic board beneath.

This board connects to the trackpad via two extremely slender ribbon cables fixed with adhesive, which were loosened with a heat gun by the iFixit team. Caution is advised if attempting to detach these cables.

As for the electronics, the teardown revealed a Broadcom BCM2042 chip for Bluetooth functionality and a Broadcom BCM5974 touchscreen controller chip, the latter of which is also found in devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, and MacBook Air. Additionally, there’s a SST 25WF020 chip providing 2 Mbit of serial flash memory.

The underside of the device is heavily glued.

On a positive note, the Magic Trackpad’s battery is replaceable by the user, although accessing it may be challenging. The device translates surface pressure into clicks through the feet, which press down on a plate connected to the main chassis. This plate then activates an electronic mouse button switch.

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