Valve Releases GL Code, Mac Game Sales Increase

Valve has emerged as a significant player in the realm of Mac gaming, surpassing even Apple in its efforts. The introduction of Steam to the Mac has not only enhanced the gaming library available to Mac users but has also led to Valve’s recent decision to offer its graphical code to Steamworks developers.

This move is aimed at simplifying the development process for Mac games, which is often considered the most challenging aspect of game creation.

The incentive for developers is clear as games that support Mac platforms tend to see a sales increase of 15 to 20%. This boost is observed across both Mac and PC platforms since many Steam games that are available for Mac also offer shared ownership with PC versions.

This dual-platform availability not only benefits Mac users but also garners additional interest from the PC gaming community.

This development is a boon for both current and prospective game developers within the Steam ecosystem. It also delights gamers who prefer accessing their games via Mac’s dock over the traditional start menu.


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