iPhone Body Armor Case: Stylish and Protective Design

Delving into the realm of unique iPhone accessories, we stumble upon an intriguing option for the iconic device. Ltd Tools has ventured into the design of a robust metal case that not only secures the phone with a flip cover but also imparts a rather unique aesthetic.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, as it transforms the iPhone 4 into something resembling a bulky RAZR, but it certainly catches the eye. While it might not offer the best in terms of protection, it compensates with added functionality like easy access to the charging port and a clever rubber band for securing cards.

Be advised, however, that using a metal case could potentially interfere with signal reception, though the impact might be minimal.

And yes, at US$95, this case is on the pricier side, especially considering its aesthetic appeal over practical functionality. Nonetheless, it’s refreshing to see a case that enhances the iPhone’s design rather than just masking it.

[via iPhone Savior]


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