Twelve South Enters High-End iPad Case Market

In January, Twelve South captured our interest with their elegant BookBook case for the MacBook Pro. They have now expanded their lineup to include a BookBook case designed specifically for the iPad.

The design of the BookBook case mimics that of an antique leather-bound book, complete with a rigid cover and a decorative bookmark ribbon. This case distinguishes itself amidst the myriad of options available for iPad protection and storage.

Not only does it boast an attractive appearance, but it also incorporates a unique functional twist.

Embedded within the front cover of the case is a small string. By extending this string while the case is partially open and securing it to a button on the opposite side, the case transforms into a convenient stand. The interior is padded with a soft lining, ensuring that the iPad is snug and secure.

Each case is meticulously handcrafted, so patience is required after placing an order.

Be prepared to invest as well, as each unit is priced at US$69.99. While it may be on the pricier side, the craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal are undeniable. We’d love to hear from those who have decided to enhance their iPad with this stylish case.

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