Speculation: Upcoming iPod Nano to Be Extremely Small

According to a recent report by AppleInsider, the upcoming iteration of the iPod nano is expected to be significantly smaller than its predecessors. Evidence supporting this claim has surfaced from several third-party case manufacturers, such as Orient King, which has already started designing cases for the new model.

The design includes a 30-pin dock connector and openings for what are likely to be a headphone jack, a hold switch, and volume controls, similar to those found on the iPhone.

Should these speculations hold true, the new iPod nano would appear more akin to its iPod shuffle counterpart, marking only the second occasion Apple has deviated from the traditional rectangular shape of the device.

While some may find this rumor difficult to believe, it’s worth noting that similar skepticism met the leaked images of the “fat-boy” iPod nano model three years ago.

Additionally, this rumor could be related to an earlier report from iLounge, which suggested that the new iPod shuffle might feature a touchscreen. If true, the smaller form factor would certainly be a practical move.

Alternatively, it might indicate that the shuffle will either be phased out or remain unchanged. More details should emerge by Wednesday.

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John Devis

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