QuickBooks 2011 Update Includes Multi-User Support and More

Anticipation is building as Intuit gears up to launch QuickBooks 2011 for Mac on September 27th, boasting enhancements such as multi-user capabilities, mileage tracking, and additional features. We had the opportunity to delve into this latest iteration with QuickBooks product manager William Lynes. The update promises a more intuitive experience for Mac users and is likely to be embraced by the QuickBooks community.

The introduction of multi-user support is a standout upgrade. “This was the most sought-after feature,” Lynes explained.

Previously, users were often blocked from accessing QuickBooks if another user was working on a file. This update resolves this issue by allowing up to five users to work concurrently on tasks such as creating invoices, managing purchase orders, and accessing vendor data. Moreover, QuickBooks 2011 enables an administrator to assign specific access rights to different users, enhancing both security and efficiency in managing sensitive information.

Another significant addition is the mileage tracking feature, which supports up to four vehicles. Users can log miles individually or in batches and can even attach mileage information directly to invoices.

This feature is complemented by four new reports that provide detailed insights into mileage per vehicle or job. While I personally prefer the digital simplicity of Gas Cubby, QuickBooks’ robust tracking is ideal for businesses managing multiple vehicles.

The update also includes integration with Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet software, responding to widespread user demand. This feature simplifies the process of exporting data to Numbers, eliminating the need for intermediate steps that could disrupt formatting.

Customization options have also been expanded in this release. Users can now easily personalize reports and invoices with their business logos, choose specific colors, and more, without needing extensive design skills.

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