Rocketeer App Review: Daily Insights from TUAW

Contrary to what you might think, this isn’t a movie adaptation, although that sounds like a fun idea. What we have here is a physics puzzler where players fling diminutive rocketeers across cosmic bodies, each with its own gravitational pull.

The visuals are straightforward yet appealing, and the gameplay is unexpectedly lenient—you can attempt as many times as necessary, though fewer attempts will net you a higher score. With 80 levels available, gameplay progresses swiftly, and it’s hard to resist the urge for “just one more try”.

The game is available for only 99 cents on the App Store, offering an affordable and engaging physics-based challenge.

For those who prefer a larger display, there’s an iPad version available at the same price. While the game could use a bit more polish—sometimes it feels like success comes from luck rather than skillful calculation—solving each puzzle provides a deep sense of accomplishment once you master the trajectory needed to navigate through space.


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