Apple to End .Mac HomePage Viewing on November 8

Apple has issued a final reminder to users of its legacy .Mac service regarding the impending discontinuation of content published through this platform.

Today, a communication was dispatched to MobileMe subscribers, highlighting that starting from November 8th, any web content previously published via the now-defunct .Mac service will no longer be accessible. However, this change does not impact users who utilize iWeb for publishing.

For those who have been utilizing the old service, there’s no need for alarm.

Your existing content isn’t going to vanish; it will be securely archived on iDisk. Furthermore, you have the option to re-publish your content using MobileMe’s tools, such as Gallery.

Apple had initially alerted users about the closure of its .Mac services more than a year ago.

For more details, a FAQ page is available on Apple’s support forums here.

While it marks the conclusion of one chapter, it also heralds the advent of new advancements. Be sure to mark November 8th on your calendar as a significant date and take a moment to reflect on the technological progress we’ve witnessed.

[Via TheLoop]

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