Life Browser Introduces Sideswiping and Enhanced Page Queue

Enhancing the browsing experience on iOS devices presents a formidable challenge. Competing with one of the most acclaimed mobile browsers and being restricted to the same WebKit engine as Mobile Safari means that developers need to focus on unaddressed user needs and niche features to make a mark.

This strategy targets the 20% of users who are not fully satisfied with Safari’s offerings and are on the lookout for alternative solutions.

The Life Browser from It’s About Time is a testament to focusing on powerful, user-driven features. This browser, which costs $2.99 for a universal version and $0.99 for an iPhone-specific version, has been rapidly evolving based on user input since its initial release on the iPad in June.

TUAW initially reviewed the app, highlighting its potential and user-centric design.

Recent updates to Life Browser have introduced several significant enhancements. Users can now swipe to move between pages, utilize an ‘Open Sites’ popup for easier navigation, and enjoy the ‘pull to refresh’ feature, which has become popular across many applications.

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