Gun Bros Review: Daily App Spotlight on TUAW

The concept of ‘freemium’ often carries a negative connotation among iPhone users, perceived as a method to continually extract small amounts of money in exchange for gameplay advantages. However, when executed properly, as seen in Gun Bros, it enhances the gaming experience without detracting from the full version of the game. This game, which you can get on the App Store, offers an impressive dual-stick shooter experience complete with RPG and social features, all at no initial cost.

For those unfamiliar, a dual-stick shooter involves navigating and aiming with two control sticks.

Gun Bros distinguishes itself with RPG elements, where players gain experience points (XP) to enhance and personalize characters named Percy and Francis Gun. The game introduces a unique currency called explodium, used for microtransactions. Players can convert explodium into gold either instantly at no cost or over time with a fee, providing a strategic layer to resource management.

This system cleverly integrates optional purchases without making them a necessity for gameplay progression.

Beyond its gameplay mechanics, Gun Bros incorporates social elements by syncing with Game Center, allowing players to team up with a friend’s character who joins the game with all their upgrades and shares XP post-session. This feature not only enriches the game’s community aspect but also enhances the overall experience.

Despite its engaging content and innovative features, the game does experience some performance issues, including slowdowns on devices like the iPhone 4, suggesting room for technical optimization. Nonetheless, the game remains enjoyable and is well worth exploring.


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