iPhone Backups, Canceling MobileMe, Playing Windows Media Files

Welcome to this week’s installment of Ask TUAW, where we tackle your queries about all things Apple. Remember, if you have questions for next week, please leave them in the comments section. I’ll try to address as many as I can, but I may not get to all of them immediately. When submitting questions, kindly mention your device and its operating system.

This week, we discuss topics such as terminating a Mobile Me subscription, playing Windows Media files on a Mac, managing iPhone backups, and more.

Rusty Cantor asks

I’m struggling to cancel my Mobile Me subscription. At 83, technology can be overwhelming.

Canceling Mobile Me can be a bit convoluted. You’ll need to navigate through several steps.

If your account is older than 45 days, head over to the Mobile Me Support Site, select your country, and click on “Accounts and Billing”.

Then, choose “Cancel a paid subscription.” Follow the prompts until you reach the option to chat with a support representative. Explain that you wish to cancel. Remember, Apple does not refund any remaining subscription time.

Alternatively, you could let the subscription lapse by disabling auto-renewal. Log into your Mobile Me at the Main Login Page, go to “Account”, and under “Account Options”, uncheck “Renew”. Don’t forget to save your changes. This way, your account will just expire.

Nolan wonders

I can’t view a slideshow made on a Windows machine.

What should I do?

According to the Windows Photo Story FAQ, you need a player that supports Windows Media Video files. Download Flip4Mac, which integrates with Quicktime, to play these files on your Mac.

Akfromrhill asks

My iPhone 4’s HD videos are eating up my MacBook Pro’s storage. How can I manage this?

Stopping automatic backups in iTunes when you connect your iPhone can help manage storage. Simply click the ‘X’ next to the progress bar during a sync. To delete existing backups, go to iTunes > Preferences > Devices, select the backup, and hit delete. Be cautious, as not having a backup can be risky if something goes wrong.

Calereneau asks

Looking for a charger case for an iPhone 3GS.

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