SNES Controller and N64 Console Transformed into iPad Docks

An Etsy enthusiast, Geekunique, has shared some fascinating images showcasing vintage Nintendo gaming devices repurposed as docks for iPads and iPhones. Featured is a Super Nintendo controller ingeniously transformed into a working iPhone 4 dock.

Additionally, there’s a Nintendo 64 console converted into an iPad dock, albeit in a less appealing green translucent version. It’s quite humorous considering Nintendo, once a dominant force in gaming, now sees its old consoles repurposed to support iOS devices—a platform that poses a significant threat to traditional gaming companies, as highlighted by this article.

Geekunique is currently selling these unique docks, though they are limited in quantity and might be sold out soon.

However, for those feeling crafty, it seems feasible to modify an old gaming console with a simple cut for a charger slot. If you decide to undertake such a project and breathe new life into old tech, don’t forget to send us a picture of your creation!


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