HP Photosmart Premium C310a Printer: Detailed Review

The excitement was palpable among us at TUAW when Apple unveiled that iOS 4.2 would bring AirPrint, enabling direct printing from iOS devices. The thought of effortlessly printing a photo directly from my iPhone seemed incredibly appealing. However, it turned out that AirPrint’s functionality without additional software was limited to 11 HP printers that support ePrint, a protocol that simplifies printing over a network without needing driver installations.

My review of the HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One C310 Printer revealed a perfect match between HP’s ePrint technology and Apple’s iOS devices, offering quick and seamless printing. For more details on this printer, click the Read More link.

Setting up the printer was a breeze.

I simply unpacked it, removed the shipping protections, installed the cartridges, loaded the paper trays, and powered it on. The printer automatically ran a 6-minute initial setup. After a few easy steps on the touchscreen, including network configuration, the printer was ready to use.

I’ve created a brief video showcasing the printer in action, which I’ll summarize here. The printer features several Print Apps that can be directly downloaded and installed, allowing you to print items like maps, recipes, or news without needing a computer or iOS device.

Another impressive feature is the zero-configuration printing from iOS devices, where the printer appears automatically in the device’s printer list without needing manual setup.

One of the standout features is the ability to print from virtually anywhere via email. Each ePrint-enabled printer has a unique email address, and documents sent to this address print out swiftly. This could be particularly useful for those who are less tech-savvy, like my mother, who could receive printed emails directly.

Currently, the system does not support printing web pages directly from emails, but HP is developing solutions for this. The email print feature also has a 5MB attachment limit.

The integration between the iPhone, iPad, and this printer was flawless.


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