Xserve Discontinues SSD Option Availability

As Apple phases out its Xserve line, the company has removed the solid-state drive (SSD) option for configuring new units. Customers now have the choice of equipping their servers with either a 160GB, 1TB, or 2TB Serial ATA ADM drive operating at 7200-rpm across the three available bays.

Both AppleInsider and 9to5 reported that promotional materials for the SSD option were visible earlier today but have since been taken down from Apple’s Xserve page.

The discontinuation of Xserve was first announced back in November, with sales slated to continue until January 31. Apple will still support existing Xserve units until they are no longer operational.

For those interested in purchasing an Xserve, time is of the essence.

Meanwhile, Apple has released a transition guide [PDF] for users considering a switch to either the Mac mini server or the Mac Pro equipped with Snow Leopard Server.

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