Maintaining Masculinity While Using an iPad: Tips and Insights

Recently, The New York Times addressed a peculiar issue: some men are finding it challenging to tote their iPad in a way that feels masculinely fashionable. The Fashion & Style section of the newspaper highlighted that some have even opted out of carrying their iPads in public due to the lack of appropriately manly carrying cases.

Scott Stein from CNET assessed various iPad bags, ranking them by their “humiliation index.”

Having been a long-time laptop user, the concept of being embarrassed by a tech bag is foreign to me. Any potential skepticism about my choice of bag quickly dissipates when I reveal the cutting-edge technology inside, like an iPad.

While I can understand the awkwardness of sporting an unfashionable fanny pack, there are plenty of stylish options available for iPad carriers. Take the Booq Boa push bag as a prime example.

For those still struggling to assert their masculinity through their gadget carrier, consider customizing your bag with a personal touch.


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