iPad 2 Case and Mockup Unveiled at CES Event

At the recent CES event, Engadget discovered a prototype iPad 2 case crafted by Dexim. This case featured cutouts for a front camera, a rear camera, and larger speaker ports.

It also housed a mockup iPad 2, crafted from aluminum, which was thinner than its predecessor and had edges that tapered off, reminiscent of the fourth-generation iPod touch. Additionally, the case boasted a magnetic, detachable Bluetooth keyboard, transforming the iPad into a more laptop-like device.

Despite its innovative design, this Dexim product doesn’t reveal any new details about the iPad 2.

The design elements seen in the case align with previously leaked specifications and earlier case designs. This scenario mirrors what happened with Hard Candy Cases at the 2010 Macworld Expo, where companies often create prototype cases based on rumored device features.


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