Live Discussion with the Doc on TUAW TV

Fans of TUAW TV Live will recall the delightful chaos from last week’s episode featuring Mike Schramm and Megan Lavey. This week, we’re excited to have Doc Rock join the fray, pictured here during a humorous moment involving latex gloves.

Doc Rock serves as TUAW’s beloved Hawaiian correspondent, often brightening our Sunday evenings with his insights on the TUAW Talkcast.

Today, he steps into the limelight on TUAW TV Live for the first time, though he’s a familiar face in our chat discussions.

When you put together two individuals with a knack for engaging dialogue in one virtual space, expect a lively session. Interested in joining the fun? Simply click on the Read More link below this post from your computer to access our live stream and chat interface, where you can pose questions or share your thoughts.

For those on the road, watching TUAW TV Live while driving is a no-go for safety reasons.

If you’re not behind the wheel, feel free to tune in on your iPhone using the Ustream Viewing Application. iPad users can watch via the Skyfire Browser, though chat participation isn’t available on this platform.

Be sure to tune in by 5 PM ET to catch us live.


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