Rumored High-Resolution Display for iPad’s Third Generation

Tom Mainelli, a research manager at IDC, has indicated that the iPad 3, rather than the iPad 2, is expected to feature ahigh-resolution display. This comes after much speculation that the iPad 2 would include a“Retina” display, based on reports mainly originating from Asian sources.

These reports were met with skepticism regarding Apple’s ability to maintain competitive pricing while incorporating such advanced technology.

Mainelli challenges this notion by suggesting that production capabilities, rather than cost, are the primary barrier to implementing a 10-inch high-resolution display. The technology is affordable and available, but current production facilities are not equipped to manufacture the Retina Display in the quantities that Apple requires.

Apple’s sales ofiPads topped 7 million in the previous quarter, with projections set toincrease significantly in the coming year.

To avoid potential sales declines due to shortages of components, Apple may have decided to delay the inclusion of the high-resolution display and proceed with producing theiPad 2 with a standard resolution display. Apple is already preparing manufacturers for the eventual production of the iPad 3, which will allow them to enhance their capabilities to meet the demands for a higher resolution display in the next-generation tablet.

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