iConnectivity Unveils iConnectMIDI at Macworld 2011

During my visit to the iConnectivity display at Macworld, I discovered their upcoming release of a revolutionary MIDI-to-iOS interface. This device, as demonstrated in the video below, is a boon for musicians incorporating MIDI technology into their performances.

The iConnectMIDI unit, compatible with CoreMIDI on iOS 4.2, facilitates seamless connectivity between up to eight MIDI sources, including both traditional DIN and USB-to-MIDI, and Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

In a practical demonstration, various controllers were used to operate different instruments via a third-party app on an iPad, Music Studio, priced at US$14.99. Additionally, an iPod touch was employed to adjust the pitch bend on a bass using its accelerometer, showcasing the device’s versatility and responsiveness.

Slated for release in April at a price point below $200, the iConnectMIDI promises to be a significant advancement in music technology.

We are excited to provide a detailed review come February. For more insights, visit the iConnectMIDI website.

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