Final Cut Pro’s Bold New Version Set to Launch This Spring

According to a recent report by TechCrunch, Apple is gearing up to significantly upgrade its professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro, this upcoming spring. TechCrunch has learned that a select group of elite video editors were invited to Apple’s headquarters to preview and provide input on the new version of Final Cut Pro.

The feedback from these sessions suggests that the forthcoming update will be exceptionally impressive.

An evaluator involved in the testing phase remarked that this update is “the biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since its inception over a decade ago.” Another described the update as “dramatic and ambitious.” While specific details about the modifications remain under wraps, TechCrunch hints that the changes could range from fundamental architectural enhancements to a total revamp of the interface.

The anticipation of a major redesign for Final Cut Pro isn’t surprising. Back in 2009, Apple restructured its Pro Software team and appointed Randy Ubillos, who spearheaded the complete redesign of iMovie ’08, as the project manager.

The last major update to Final Cut Pro occurred in July 2009, and following that release, there were speculations about the departure of FCP engineers from Apple, sparking concerns about the discontinuation of its development. However, a user concerned about the future of Final Cut Pro reached out to Steve Jobs in August 2010, to which Jobs reassuringly replied that the next release would be awesome.

Described as “awesome,” “dramatic,” and “ambitious,” the expectations for the next version of Final Cut Pro are certainly high.


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