Speculation: Major UI Redesign for Mac OS X Lion, Beta Imminent?

Ever since Apple unveiled Mac OS Lion last October, details have been sparse, with only a few features like full-screen apps, Launchpad, and Mission Control confirmed. As the release window this summer draws closer, anticipation builds, but specifics remain under wraps.

Recent reports from TechCrunch suggest that OS X Lion will undergo a significant user interface revamp.

Given Apple’s introduction of several UI-centric features and their intent to integrate the best aspects of iOS into Mac, it seems plausible that more extensive changes are on the horizon. However, details beyond this remain elusive according to TechCrunch.

Additionally, TechCrunch hints at the imminent release of a developer beta for Lion, necessary for developers to adapt to the new UI elements ahead of the summer launch.

While this claim lacks substantial backing, MacRumors also reports whispers of an upcoming seeding phase for Lion.

[Source: MacRumors]


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