Best Apps for Enjoying the 2011 Academy Awards

As the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences 83rd Annual Academy Awards, commonly known as The Oscars, prepares to broadcast this Sunday on ABC, enthusiasts of cinema who use iOS devices have the opportunity to enhance their viewing experience with several tailored apps for their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

We have curated a selection of apps that might enhance your Oscars night, complete with insights from the app developers and additional information from our side.

To kick things off, for those who revel in the fashion splendor and the suspense of award winners, the Live from the Red Carpet app is indispensable. It offers “…total VIP access to Hollywood’s hottest events, directly on your device.”

“Gain immediate entry to a plethora of E! articles, dissecting everything from the night’s winners and surprises to the event’s highlights and lowlights. Plus, you can connect with Twitter to broadcast your VIP experience to the globe.”

This app is particularly handy for those who are always curious about celebrity fashion choices.

It’s also a great tool for staying in the loop with celebrity news and party details, making you feel part of the action, even from afar.

Another essential app for any serious movie buff is IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. This app provides immediate access to a vast repository of film knowledge. Curious about the cast of a 2001 blockbuster? It’s there.

Wondering which film clinched the Best Picture in 1977? Just look it up.

Want to know what David Fincher’s debut film was? That information is just a tap away. IMDB is a treasure trove of data on actors, actresses, movies, directors, and yes, even writers. It’s a crucial resource for anyone following the Oscars closely.

Next, we have an app from ABC Digital, the network hosting the Oscars.

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