Apple Launches Joint Venture Service for Small Businesses

Apple has recently launched a new initiative called Joint Venture, aimed at assisting small businesses in transitioning to Mac systems. The program begins at a price point of $499 for up to five systems, with further pricing details yet to be fully disclosed on their promotional site.

Joint Venture offers comprehensive services for small businesses purchasing Macs. Initially, an Apple Store collaborates with the business to configure all new Macs, typically within a 24-hour timeframe.

This setup process includes transferring data from previous Macs or PCs and installing any software bought from Apple.

Additionally, Apple creates a specialized Joint Venture webpage for each business where they can organize employee training, schedule meetings with a Genius or Business Specialist, register for workshops, or access technical support.

The training provided includes up to three sessions, each lasting two hours, conducted at the Apple Store. While these sessions cover general topics, the Joint Venture site mentions that the training can be tailored to meet specific business needs. Regular introductory workshops are also available to help new employees become acquainted with Apple’s products.

Technical support through Joint Venture includes access to the Genius Bar, either by phone or in-store.

The service also offers loaner computers to businesses when their machines are being serviced.

This new service could potentially impact the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), as highlighted by Apple’s partnership with OnForce. For many ACN members, setting up Macs at a client’s location is not just a revenue stream but also an opportunity to provide essential training and integrate the systems into the client’s overall IT framework. With Joint Venture, these services might now be redirected, affecting the traditional business model of many ACN members.


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