Explore TUAW’s Featured Daily App: Cogs Review

The intriguing 3D puzzle game, Cogs, which made its debut on iOS platforms more than a year ago, has now landed on the Mac App Store. Renowned for its entirely mechanical user interface and engaging sliding tile puzzles, the game challenges players to construct various mechanical devices.

While the Mac version is priced at $4.99, offering all 50+ levels unlocked, the iOS version is currently free on the iPhone, and available for $2.99 on the iPad under the name Cogs HD.

Despite the attractive pricing, the Mac App Store version might be the preferable choice due to its complete access to all levels without the need for additional purchases, unlike its iOS counterparts which require in-app purchases for full level access. The free iOS version does offer 10 levels, which provides a good opportunity to sample the game.

Currently, there is no integration with Game Center, likely because the game was released before the feature’s introduction. However, with the recent launch on the Mac, future updates might include such features.


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