iPhone US Travel Tips, RAM Upgrade Advice, iPad Buying Guide

iPhone US Travel Tips, RAM Upgrade Advice, iPad Buying Guide

The 2011 season of America’s beloved baseball kicks off on Thursday the 31st. I’m gearing up to catch the games on MLB.tv across my devices including AppleTV, iPhone, and iPad. It’s going to be an exciting season!

Unfortunately, MLB.tv’s rules prevent me from watching my hometown team’s games, but I’ll enjoy other live matches instead.

iPhone US Travel Tips, RAM Upgrade Advice, iPad Buying Guide

Welcome to another edition of Ask TUAW, our weekly tech advice column. We’re eager for more of your questions, so please drop them in the comments, email us at ask [at] tuaw.com, or ping us on Twitter.

Let’s dive into this week’s inquiries!

Prem is curious about the best options for prepaid cell plans in the US:

For visitors like Prem, finding a suitable SIM card and data plan can be tricky.

While European carriers like O2 offer plans with unlimited texts and Wi-Fi for around ¬£17.50, these aren’t flexible “pay as you go” options. In the US, AT&T, the primary GSM provider for iPhones, stopped offering prepaid plans for iPhones. However, you might find some luck with a prepaid SIM from AT&T stores or consider buying a GoPhone and resizing the SIM. Alternatively, a MiFi device from Virgin Mobile could be a simpler solution, offering 2.5 GB for $50 a month.

Vic is considering upgrades for his soon-to-be-purchased MacBook Pro:

Apple’s official upgrades can be pricey.

For instance, upgrading a MacBook Pro’s RAM from 4GB to 8GB costs about $200 through Apple, whereas Other World Computing offers the same upgrade for $112. Self-installed upgrades like RAM and hard drives won’t void your AppleCare warranty, as long as you follow Apple’s guidelines, which are detailed in the owner’s manual.

Lastly, Robert is debating whether to buy an original iPad or the new iPad 2:

If you’re considering an iPad and can snag an original model for $299, that’s a steal. However, the iPad 2 offers more advanced features like dual cameras and a faster processor for $499. It depends on your needs and budget.

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