BlackBerry PlayBook Reviews: Falls Short of iPad

With the impending release of its PlayBook tablet on April 19, Research In Motion (RIM) has garnered attention, though initial reviews suggest it won’t challenge Apple’s stronghold in the tablet sector. The primary concern cited by critics is the limited number of available apps, with only 3,000 ready at launch. This number is expected to grow with the introduction of emulators for Android and BlackBerry OS apps later in the year.

Aside from the sparse app selection, other issues have been noted by tech reviewers.

Some have described the device as glitchy and not fully prepared for consumer use. Complaints of memory issues and app crashes have been frequent topics in reviews. Despite RIM’s commitment to frequent software updates, early adopters might find the initial experience less than satisfactory.

Engadget’s Tim Stevens described it as a promising framework that is currently incomplete.

Another significant oversight is the absence of built-in essential apps such as email, calendar, and contacts, which are only accessible through a BlackBerry phone connected via Bluetooth using the Bridge application. Even this Bridge feature lacks full functionality, missing capabilities such as viewing email attachments or clicking links within emails. RIM has indicated that these features will be included in future updates.

While some reviewers have been cautious in their criticism, others like Jim Dalrymple have been outright harsh, suggesting RIM lacks a coherent tablet strategy.

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