Scroll Reverser Adds iOS-Style Reverse Scrolling to Snow Leopard

One intriguing aspect of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is its adoption of reverse scrolling. This method, where you slide your fingers upwards to move the page down, contrasts with the traditional scrolling technique prevalent in most operating systems.

This approach mirrors the intuitive scrolling experience on iOS devices, akin to sliding a sheet of paper up and down within its confines.

Although users can deactivate reverse scrolling in Lion via System Preferences, many developers engaging with the Lion developer preview have shown a preference for this iOS-style navigation on their Macs. However, this preference poses challenges when these developers revert to using earlier versions of Mac OS X, as they must recalibrate their scrolling habits to align with the older system’s settings.

To address this, developer Nick Moore has crafted a simple tool that enables reverse scrolling on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

Scroll Reverser is a complimentary utility that integrates a menu bar item for users to switch the scrolling direction. This feature is particularly beneficial for developers who wish to maintain a Lion-like environment on their Macs, yet occasionally need to revert to the standard scrolling method.

For those who are not developers but are curious about experiencing reverse scrolling, downloading this utility is a recommended way to explore this feature.

[via Mac OS X Daily]

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