Microsoft Urges Consumers: Choose Netbook Over MacBook Air

Quoting Ronald Reagan’s well-known phrase, “There you go again,” Microsoft has launched a series of new advertisements in Canada, claiming that choosing a PC over a Mac could save enough money for a Hawaiian vacation.

While the idea of saving money is appealing, a closer look at Microsoft’s comparisons raises some questions. The comparison chart pits various Mac laptops against PCs from manufacturers like HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, and Asus. Although Apple’s offerings tend to be pricier, which might deter those who don’t value the Mac OS X experience and its associated benefits like fewer malware threats and compatibility issues.

Despite the merits of Windows 7, which I use alongside Mac OS X, they don’t quite measure up in my experience.

In the comparison, Microsoft juxtaposes the 11″ MacBook Air with three netbooks priced around US$300. The stark price difference is evident, but these netbooks fall short of the MacBook Air in significant areas, making the comparison somewhat misleading. The MacBook Air’s Core 2 Duo processor outpaces the netbook Atom or E-Series CPUs, and its 64 GB SSD greatly enhances performance.

Additionally, the MacBook Air excels in battery life, a critical aspect where the netbooks can’t compare. The only similar feature is the screen resolution. The HP Pavilion DM1 might be decent, but at 3.46 lbs (1.56 kg), it’s considerably heavier than the 2.3 lb (1.08 kg) MacBook Air, potentially leading to higher chiropractic costs that could negate the savings.

Microsoft tends to ramp up these campaigns when it feels threatened by slipping OS market share.


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