Inside Apple: An In-Depth Look at the Tech Giant’s Operations

Readers of the digital version of Fortune magazine have the opportunity to access the entire latest issue on their iPads this month. Those who prefer a physical copy might need to visit their nearest magazine outlet to delve into Adam Lashinsky’s intriguing piece titled ‘Inside Apple,’ which unveils a series of lesser-known facts and practices within the tech giant.

Over at Apple 2.0, Philip Elmer-DeWitt provides a sneak peek into the article, highlighting these interesting points:

  • Steve Jobs famously chastised the entire MobileMe team in a widely talked about town hall meeting following its problematic launch with iPhone 3G in 2008.

    Jobs’s harsh words included telling the team, “You should hate each other for having let each other down,” among other harsher criticisms. A unique approach to team motivation!

  • Jobs also organized exclusive “Top 100” retreats for select staff members, affecting not only those who attended but also those left off the guest list.

  • A dedicated group of engineers and scientists, referred to as the “band of eggheads,” were brought on board before Jobs’s second medical leave.

    Their role remains crucial within the company.

This feature promises to be a compelling read; make sure to look for it.

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