Hatsuden-Nabe Cookpot Charges iPhone While Cooking

In the event of a catastrophic failure of the electrical grid, perhaps due to a zombie apocalypse, keeping your iPhone charged could become a significant challenge. However, a novel invention by TES NewEnergy Corporation might just solve that problem.

Their latest creation, the Hatsuden-Nabe, is a cooking pan priced at US$278 that features a USB port and a thermoelectric generator capable of converting excess heat into electrical power.

This innovative pan utilizes the principle that while water boils at 212°F, a typical wood campfire can exceed 900°F. Much of this heat is either absorbed by the pot or lost to the air.

The Hatsuden-Nabe captures some of this otherwise wasted heat to generate electricity, allowing you to charge devices like an iPhone in approximately 3 to 5 hours.

For those in urgent situations, such as fleeing from zombies, the quick charging capability of the Hatsuden-Nabe could prove invaluable. Unlike competing solar chargers, which require consistent sunlight and take longer to charge, this device can also be used to cook meals or make tea, providing both sustenance and power.


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