Merge Music Accounts: Aunt TUAW’s Expert Guidance

Dear Auntie,

I have a dilemma with my music collection, which is split between an old Apple ID linked to an email I no longer use, and my current account. I can access songs from both IDs on my devices seamlessly. However, with the upcoming launch of iCloud, I’m concerned about how it will handle syncing music from two separate accounts.

Ideally, I’d like to consolidate them into a single iCloud account.

Warm regards,

Your loving nephew,


Dear Dan,

Here’s where iTunes Match might be a solution, albeit with a caveat. For an annual fee of US$25, iTunes Match offers to store all your music in the cloud, including tracks not protected by DRM, which you can integrate into your regular music library. However, there might be issues with older DRM-protected purchases that predate the iTunes Plus upgrade.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to merge accounts.

This policy applies universally, regardless of the reason for merging, such as marriage or transitioning from MobileMe. This has been a longstanding stance from Apple, and many users share your frustration.

It seems the main issue could be with those older DRM-protected purchases. For music that isn’t DRM-laden, iTunes Match should treat it indistinguishably, whether it’s from your old account or newly added.

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