Apple Sues Samsung Over Patents in South Korea

In a recent legal maneuver, Apple has initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, taking the battle to the latter’s home turf in South Korea. This action is a counter to a previous lawsuit Samsung filed against Apple in multiple countries including South Korea, Germany, and Japan.

This is just the latest in a series of legal skirmishes that began with Apple’s allegations of trademark and trade dress infringement against Samsung’s Galaxy series.

Despite maintaining a close manufacturing relationship, Apple and Samsung find themselves locked in a complex legal tussle that spans both U.S. and international courts.

Recently, Apple’s attorneys mentioned that discussions were underway with Samsung regarding these cases, however, Samsung quickly refuted these claims.

No settlement has been reached yet, and the patent disputes continue to progress slowly through the judicial systems of the involved countries. A recent setback for Samsung occurred in the U.S.

Michael Rose

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