How to Stream Amazon Videos on Your TV: A Guide

Dear Aunt TUAW,

I’ve been exploring your apps and I’m really impressed by your creativity—thank you for sharing them. Although you might receive countless suggestions, I have a specific request that I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere. I’d love the ability to ‘stream’ Amazon Instant Videos directly to my AppleTV. As an Amazon Prime member, I have access to free movies but no way to watch them on my TV.

I’d be more than willing to pay for such a feature. Do you have any suggestions or know of a way to make this possible?

Your loving nephew,

Chris W

Dear Chris,

Let me offer you a straightforward solution. If you’re looking to use your Apple TV as if it were a desktop computer, why not consider actually getting a desktop?

Hooking up a compact Mac Mini or a Windows PC to your television could be the answer. These older, low-profile models are ideal for such setups.

You might even find a used netbook at a very low cost, or perhaps you already have an older computer at home. Most contemporary TVs have VGA inputs, so connectivity shouldn’t be an issue. You can connect them via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and manage them using various media center applications available for both operating systems.

For remote control, a simple VNC application like Chicken of the VNC could be used to manage your new TV media center, or to mirror your laptop’s screen. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Be aware that Amazon’s video quality isn’t always the best, so you might notice some lack of sharpness.

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