iTunes Connect Maintenance Scheduled for July 13, Outage Details

For several hours, users have been facing significant access problems with the Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and App Store. Rumors circulated that these issues might indicate the imminent release of OS X Lion on the Mac App Store, although reports suggest a launch no earlier than July 14. However, according to MacRumors, developers have been informed that Apple plans to shut down iTunes Connect for much of July 13 for “scheduled maintenance.”

iTunes Connect will undergo scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, July 13 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


During this period, iTunes Connect will remain accessible. However, any pricing adjustments made between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. PDT will temporarily render the app unavailable for purchase until the maintenance concludes, at which time the app will be available again at the new price.

To prevent any disruptions, avoid making price changes during this window.

Additionally, app purchases may be unavailable in the Mexico, U.K., Australia, Switzerland, Japan, or Norway stores during the maintenance window.

The timing of this “scheduled maintenance,” announced merely nine hours before it begins, raises questions, especially given its proximity to today’s earlier disruptions in Apple’s online services. While there is no confirmed link between the two events, the timing is suggestive.

Today’s sporadic App Store issues have already posed challenges for developers and potential customers alike. This does not bode well for the anticipated launch of OS X Lion, which, at approximately 4 GB in size, is expected to generate a massive download demand on its release day, potentially making it Apple’s most bandwidth-demanding day to date. It is crucial that Apple resolves these issues promptly.

Update: MacStories suggests that the maintenance might be related to adjustments in international pricing, which have been affected by currency fluctuations.


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