Apple Stops Selling Most Boxed Software Versions

In light of the successful launch of Lion today, Apple has decided to phase out most of its physical software products from its retail stores, informing retailers to halt sales of items such as iWork ’09, iLife ’11, Aperture 3, and several GarageBand Jam Pack addons. These products will continue to be available for download via the App Store, but will no longer be stocked in physical Apple Store locations.

Earlier this year, Apple began to clear out various peripherals and games from its retail environments.

While the hardware remains available and games can be accessed via digital download, the move aligns with Apple’s goal to maintain a minimalist and streamlined store layout.

Apple’s recent strategies have focused on simplifying product lines and promoting digital software sales through its App Store. This approach has proven to be effective, especially with the adoption of the Mac App Store by users.

The success of Lion serves as further proof that the demand for physical software is diminishing, making the shift towards an exclusively digital format a logical step for Apple.

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