Quicken Users: Read This Before Updating to OS X Lion

The team at IGG Software, creators of the iBank financial management tool, issued a crucial advisory this morning through their PR outlets. For users of any Quicken version older than Quicken Essentials, it’s essential to export your financial data before upgrading to Lion.

This exported file is necessary to transition smoothly to Quicken Essentials, iBank 4, or any other financial software of your choice.

Failure to export your data before moving to Lion will render your previous Quicken version inoperable, trapping your valuable financial history within it. You will find yourself unable to access your Quicken data through a new application or even launch the old Quicken version to perform the export.

Essentially, you’ll be left in a bind.

Heed the advice from the experts at IGG Software and make sure to export your Quicken data before making the switch to OS X Lion. If you’re in need of a replacement that is compatible with Lion, consider referring to our earlier coverage this month, “Quicken won’t run on Lion: 10 Mac finance apps that will.” Stay tuned for more updates on financial software options later this summer.

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