Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Front Row on Lion (Updated)

Recent Developments: It has come to light that the new update for iTunes has unfortunately ceased to support Front Row, rendering your music invisible to the application.

Ralph Perdomo has ingeniously adapted OS X Front Row to function on Lion by transferring various frameworks and the application itself from an older Snow Leopard installation.

He has documented the process on his blog and even offers an installer for those who do not have a Snow Leopard installation available.

According to Perdomo, the application appears to be functioning smoothly post-installation, without any noticeable conflicts.

The components involved in this modification include:

  • /System/Library/CoreServices/Front

  • /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BackRow.framework

  • /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/iPhotoAccess.framework

  • /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

  • /Applications/Front

While TUAW has yet to evaluate this workaround, Perdomo’s innovative approach to overcoming the challenges posed by operating system upgrades is commendable.


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