Qmadix Portfolio iPad 2 Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

While I’ve generally been skeptical about keyboard cases for the iPad due to their small keys, fixed positions, and “chiclet” style, the new Qmadix Portfolio with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2, priced at $149.99, aims to address these issues. Here’s a detailed review of this innovative product.

Update: The leather of the case is black, contrary to the brown appearance in the initial photo. Apologies for the color discrepancy in the image.


The Qmadix Portfolio distinguishes itself from other portfolio cases with its superior craftsmanship.

The leather is sleek and the stitching meticulous. The keyboard, although slightly more compact than the $69 Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, offers a satisfying typing experience and is designed specifically for Apple users, avoiding the common mistake of including a Windows key.

The keyboard is housed within a leather sleeve that magnetically attaches to the case, providing a comfortable wrist rest while typing. The case features a magnetic closure for secure transport and includes a four-foot micro-USB to USB cable for charging.

The keyboard’s battery charges in about four to six hours and lasts up to 30 days depending on usage, as per Qmadix’s specifications.

Using the Portfolio Keyboard

This keyboard is tailored for the iPad, replacing traditional function keys with ones that perform specific iPad functions such as returning to the home screen, enabling search, and controlling media playback. Despite its compact size, the keyboard integrates these features seamlessly, though it does require occasional screen taps for certain commands.

The tactile response of the keys is pleasing, although their close arrangement took some getting used to. Ideally, a portfolio case that could accommodate a keyboard the size of the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard would be perfect, but the Qmadix keyboard is surprisingly easy to adapt to.

The Bottom Line

Targeted towards professionals or those who value quality and functionality, the Qmadix Portfolio is a premium option.

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