Kanex SnapX Connects Two Macs to One Cinema Display

Kanex has introduced a new device, the SnapX, designed to connect two Mac computers to a single Apple Cinema Display. This all-in-one gadget includes two mini DisplayPort cables and two USB cables, along with a simple button to switch control between the two computers.

The SnapX not only transmits video but also allows for the transfer of data and audio signals, and even supports the webcam of your Macs. It features a clip that secures it to the Cinema display, ensuring a clean setup.

Priced at $69, the SnapX is set to be available in September.

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Kanex Unveils SnapX – Two Port Switcher for Apple LED Cinema Display
Connect two Mac computers to one Apple Cinema Display

Brea, CA – August 3, 2011 – Kanex, a leader in solutions for Apple hardware, proudly announces the release of the SnapX, a two port switcher tailored for 24 and 27 inch Apple LED Cinema Displays (ACD). This USB-powered device allows seamless switching between two Macs, such as an iMac, Macbook Air, Mac mini, Macbook Pro, and newer Mac models with Thunderbolt, using the ACD.

The SnapX is a plug and play device featuring two mini DisplayPorts and two USB ports. Users connect their Macs to the SnapX via the integrated 5ft mini DisplayPort and USB cables, then connect the ACD’s native display cables to the SnapX.

This setup allows users to use the iSight camera and route the audio from the connected Macs through the ACD speakers without compromising sound or video quality. The device’s one-button design makes switching between connected sources effortless.

Designed to enhance workspace organization, the SnapX has a sleek, ergonomic clip-on design that attaches to the ACD stand, neatly arranging all cables behind the display. This not only creates a tidy workspace but also minimizes the risk of loose connections and potential signal loss.

The SnapX is currently available for pre-order and will start shipping in September for $69 at KanexLive.com/SnapX.

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