Diptic App Review: Daily iPad Feature on TUAW

Exploring updated applications can be quite refreshing, especially when revisiting ones like Diptic, which we examined roughly a year ago. This app excels in organizing your photographs into various preset frames, offering choices such as vertical or horizontal splits and even a trio division.

While the fundamental features for adjusting images and layouts remain unchanged, Diptic has enhanced its functionality by integrating options to upload photos from social platforms like Facebook or Flickr, and similarly, to share your creations back to these services or even to Posterous, facilitating easy blog updates.

Linking to Flickr or Facebook is straightforward. You simply log in, authorize Diptic to access your account, and then you’re set to upload or remove pictures without needing to log in again.

Exporting is just as effortless, requiring only a couple of clicks to send your framed images to the platform of your choice. Additionally, you can personalize your uploads with titles, captions, and tags.

Posting to Posterous through Diptic is user-friendly as well. The app allows you to add a title, body text, and tags to your post.

There’s also an option to toggle auto-posting, giving you the flexibility to publish immediately or save it as a draft for later review. The export process is efficient; with just a few clicks, my framed photo was ready on my blog. If your Posterous is linked to social media like Twitter or Facebook, your post will automatically be shared there too.

Diptic is available for a modest US$1.99 on iTunes, and it offers additional layouts for a small in-app purchase of 99 cents.


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