Explore Daily: Drive Mounter Mac Application Review

For those juggling numerous network drives across various locations, the manual effort required to locate and connect each one can quickly become a nuisance. Drive Mounter streamlines this process by automating the mounting of drives.

While it’s feasible to configure drives to automatically connect upon login, this setup might not suit those who frequently move between different networks with their Macs.

Drive Mounter alleviates this issue by remembering your preferences for each network and automatically connecting the appropriate drives when you start up or wake your computer.

The application is user-friendly; simply configure your drive connections once per network, and Drive Mounter will take care of the rest. Whether you’re reconnecting after sleep or switching between WiFi and LAN, the software ensures the right drives are ready to use.

Additionally, you can override the automatic settings to mount all drives listed or deactivate Drive Mounter temporarily. Access to the application is convenient via both a Dock icon and a menu bar icon, which can be disabled if preferred.

Drive Mounter is priced at US$5.99, offering a practical solution for frequent network drive users.

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