iPhone PAYG App Enables Usage Monitoring

Recently, I discussed utilizing AT&T’s budget-friendly Pay as You Go options for devices that are no longer under contract. A reader of that post recommended the Pay As You Go Balance and Feature Pack Monitor from Dynamically Loaded.

Priced at just US$0.99, this app extracts your account balance and feature pack details from the PAYG system and presents them through a simple, one-tap interface. It even offers a feature to set up local notifications to alert you when your balance is nearing expiration.

While the app is quite useful for its price, it does leave something to be desired.

I would appreciate more flexible reminder options, such as being notified a week or even a day before balances expire. Additionally, it lacks reminders for feature packs, which are crucial for me.

The app also suffers from some design choices. Its settings are buried within the iPhone’s main Settings app, a common frustration among users and developers alike.

It would be far more user-friendly to allow these adjustments within the app itself.

Adjusting settings for a different account took longer than expected, a delay that feels much longer in user time and can quickly lead to frustration. Although this method is compliant with App Store regulations, jumping out of the app to tweak a couple of details (like the phone number and PIN) detracts from the overall user experience.

Additionally, I encountered operational issues when trying to use the app in conjunction with AT&T’s 611 information line. The app failed to log out after each session, which prevented me from accessing my account through 611 as it still recognized the session as active.

In conclusion, this app serves its basic purpose and was worth the investment of a dollar, but it has significant room for improvement.

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